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    A whole new clothing line

    Check out our products in our brand-new store !


    When you buy one of our product, all the profit from sales will go to fund our First Aid Training and our Dress 2 Invest programs. To know more about our First Aid, follow the following link : https://www.acknowledgingyouths.org

    Dress 2 Invest

    Thanks to our brand Eysiat, we aim at providing suits and clothes to help young people get the perfect tools to attend job interviews. Buying these clothes are expensive, and going without them at a job interview is problematic. Therefore, we want to give the opportunity for our disadvantaged youngsters to apply for jobs in the best conditions possible.

    Sport equipment

    We believe that everyone should be able to afford sport equipment. Sport is key for the well-being of a community, and we wish to bring it to everyone.


    Therefore, we are developping a project which aims at finding new partnerships with sport centres and companies in order to get sport equipment for everyone. This a new challenge for us, and we will do everything to make it a reality.

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